May Day, 2023

It has happened. A few days ago, our snow and sleet stopped. Yesterday, May 1, 2023 was 88 degrees Fahrenheit and today, 91 degrees. We are not sure how this growth situation will proceed. Our Bing cherries have burst into bloom. The lilac buds are gaining color. The Lapin Sweet Cherries are popping blossoms here and there. In optimistic hope, Farmer Dan predicts a cool down in temps and all will be well for a nice growing season.

I am listening to hot blowing wind as I write this news from the orchard. We cannot guess our harvest time. We may see some early crops. A smart farmer will not project outcomes at this time in May.

Our job during this heatwave is to get the work done and the momentum into high gear. Dan ran up the mountain yesterday to turn on our irrigation. We must conquer the fast beginnings of weeds. Our seeds and plants can go into the ground if they are new this spring. We are adding more blueberries, some peach trees, a few apple trees, and new hazelnuts. Pruning continues. We love our work and will hope for the best from Mother Nature for all of our plants and trees.

It was a radical winter and we are cheered by the life that survived. It seems that even the roses are coming in with new life. We got lucky.

Above all, we all must enjoy this glorious Spring wherever we live.

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