March 17, 2023, Our First March with Snow on the ground. Welcome Season 2023 to Getmans’ Orchard- Yellow Bay, Montana!

Farmer Dan opened cherry buds today. The Orchard looks good. The buds are beautiful, undisturbed, and promising. He is predicting the best cherries, yet! We have been through severe wind storms, below zero temperatures and many snow blizzards. We enjoyed every minute of this 2022 unusual winter.

We have ordered our seeds, worked on interiors, and cooked up a storm. The preserved fruits are gems in winter. We made many green salads with special vinaigrettes, and fruits. Occasionally we made crepes or waffles with Orchard fruits. We lace the fruits into almost everything we cook.

Spring is beginning. Today, we ordered 100 hazelnut plants. We are never bored, even for a minute, here.

We look forward to a beautiful season, a time when Orchard grown fruit is a treasure.

Dan and I look forward to seeing our wonderful customers this year. Another season, another year; the children grow and all things change.

We are still here and nothing has changed in our sweet dance with the seasons.

Three Tibetan Terriers

A winter artwork of three Tibetan Terriers for Our Neighbor’s birthday. She owns the grandmother, Selena, and Selena’s daughter Phoebe. The granddaughter is our girl, Sunny. Sunny became an AKC Grandchampion Bronze last year.

Our Tibetan Terriers keep our humor exercised. This is Olive in the kitchen. She is preparing to request her dinner. Our Tibetans love the cold and snow, everyone was happy. They are highly anticipating the muddy season coming soon.