May 20, 2023

The Orchard Radiates beauty when the tree varieties bloom. The winter messiness is fading. We hunger for a clean, organized, neat property. Much toil is needed while we laugh and share jokes. Our Plans: clean, plant, water, mow, grow, harvest.

Fertilizing was done last week with kelp and fish meal.

We have planted vegetable seeds and set out the tomato plants. The potatoes are in the ground.

Our pruning creates piles of sticks. We will organize the sticks into rows. Then the tractor will roll over them to pulverize and grind the pruning into compost sized chips. We prefer this method. In the old days, owners piled the prunings and had great fires to watch.

Better than words, photos of our springs blossoms. Peaches, Plums, Pears Below. We feel absolutely positive. Everything is perfect and alright.

We enjoy the Tibetans while we work. Flathead Lake in the view.  Montana.

Welcome 2021!

We are starting off the year with new love for life in the orchard. It has given us a wonderful environment during the 2020 winter. Sheryl has made many new pieces of artwork for our small gallery at the orchard.

The preserved fruits have been a constant part of our dinner menus during the winter. Our favorite is icy, semi frozen fruit sitting atop a hill of fresh greens. We collect sherry and balsamic vinegars for the vinaigrettes.

Pruning is underway. The winter has been extremely mild. Stay optimistic, a fabulous season will unfold. We look forward to seeing our many visitors during this summer 2021. Happy New Days to all.

a link to some of the artwork:

May Day, 2023

It has happened. A few days ago, our snow and sleet stopped. Yesterday, May 1, 2023 was 88 degrees Fahrenheit and today, 91 degrees. We are not sure how this growth situation will proceed. Our Bing cherries have burst into bloom. The lilac buds are gaining color. The Lapin Sweet Cherries are popping blossoms here and there. In optimistic hope, Farmer Dan predicts a cool down in temps and all will be well for a nice growing season.

I am listening to hot blowing wind as I write this news from the orchard. We cannot guess our harvest time. We may see some early crops. A smart farmer will not project outcomes at this time in May.

Our job during this heatwave is to get the work done and the momentum into high gear. Dan ran up the mountain yesterday to turn on our irrigation. We must conquer the fast beginnings of weeds. Our seeds and plants can go into the ground if they are new this spring. We are adding more blueberries, some peach trees, a few apple trees, and new hazelnuts. Pruning continues. We love our work and will hope for the best from Mother Nature for all of our plants and trees.

It was a radical winter and we are cheered by the life that survived. It seems that even the roses are coming in with new life. We got lucky.

Above all, we all must enjoy this glorious Spring wherever we live.

Harvest 2021 News

Not long from today, July 9-But we wait!

Sunny, our Tibetan Terrier, in the Orchard.

We are watering, irrigating, and watching our Sweet Cherries grow. Farmer Dan is trying to produce our biggest crop ever. This year, they seem crisp, juicy, and lovely. Fragrant.

We will begin u-pick in the next two weeks. Serenity is here. The air is clear and the weather is comfortable under our mountains. Call Dan at 406-871-5499. He will start appointments after July 20. Our sweet cherry season will last for 3 to 4 weeks.

Our Peaches look very good this year. We are excited about peaches. They will ripen in August. Plums are nice and will come on in August, too.

We have several luscious Plum Varieties. Share our joy with us this crop season at the Orchard. Flathead Lake, East Shore, Montana.

You may have heard that we cannot ship cherries this year. Our rural post office was very honest with us. The Postmaster said they cannot guarantee timely deliveries. Come visit.

If you would like us to pick lugs for you, we will. You may call for pick up.

Orchard Visuals today: Our fruit is always clean, fresh, sustainable. Local and clean practices for our great customers. July begins our season through October. Ahead: Peaches, Plums, Pears, Apple Picking time.

Lillies Abound

AN Unusual Winter, Yet the Trees Continue their Winter SLeep.

Winter Days, near Flathead Lake, Montana

We are keeping the fires burning while our trees remain dormant. Fences are watched, repairs are made after our significant winds this winter season. Sometimes a small ermine shows its face or a raccoon checks out the compost. Our Tibetan Terriers keep the orchard free of intruding coyotes or bigger, wildlife cats. The bears are sleeping. Our orchard birds are fed and the dogs get long walks. The kitchen is busy, big winter meals are cozy and relaxing. It is our time for artwork and the finishing on our house. We host friends and visitors for dinners. Our temperatures have been high. Generally, they have hovered around 34 degrees F. Last night, Feb.1, 2020, at midnight, our temperature was 47 degrees F.

Olive and Parker, Tibetan Terriers enjoy the snow. The trees look healthy and contented.

These are salad bags from my freezer.

During high summer season, I prepare these bags with, just picked fruit. We love salads in winter. Greens are piled high and this semi thawed, icy fruit is perfect with a nice sherry or lemon vinaigrette.

We must confess. For the first time, (after thirteen years of farming the Orchard), we have traveled for fun, this winter 2019-2020. Our Tibetan Terrier, Ali Baba, shows in AKC dog shows. He is handled by our friend, David Murray. We visited Ali in October, December, and January We visited Arizona, Florida, and California. We enjoy his AKC, dog, Tibetan Terrier campaign. Our passion for Tibetan Terriers created a cause for us to getaway. We prepare, now, for Westminster in New York City. We were very fortunate, last year Ali won his breed at Westminster. He has brought us Joy. Here are a few photos of our very unusual winter trips. First Time Ever! We had to learn how to use a suitcase again.

We look forward to communicating with everyone when our crops and trees begin their spring manifestations. Expecting a great 2020 season!

Apple Picking Time

The Apples are Crunchy. Call Dan if you would like the experience of picking. If you would rather pick up fruit, call Dan 406-871-5499.

The harvest is robust and a delight.

We welcome Our 2019 Season

  • On the home page of there is an update on our cherry growth and photos taken June 23, 2019. You can see photos of the crops.
  • We will ship cherries again this season.
  • We will offer u pick when the cherries are ripe and perfect.
  • You may call ahead for picked cherries and a pick up at the orchard.
  • Any questions, call 406-871-5499 or send an email to
  • Can’t wait to see you all again. Looking forward to a grand summer.

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