Next Week, Wed. July 24, We begin our U Pick Season.

The cherries are beautiful this season. We have one of our nicest crops ever. Call Dan if you want to come pick at the orchard anytime after July 24. 406-871-5499.

Cherries at Getmans’ Orchard, South of Bigfork, Mt.

Bring your containers, please. Thank you for supporting our Orchard!

4 thoughts on “Next Week, Wed. July 24, We begin our U Pick Season.”

  1. Hi. My family will be in Montana on Aug 3rd, 2019. Do you think you will still have cherries at that time? Also, can you tell me how much it costs per pound to pick? Thank you.
    Lisa Blumthal


  2. How late will you be picking cherries?
    My grandchildren are coming Aug 14-18
    Thanks Wendy Coyne


  3. Hi there, Well this is a difficult question. I think you will have to call Dan at the time, (406-871-5499), at this time, it seems we may still have cherries. This depends on the rain and our cool nights. We may have peaches then or other crops. I hope it can work for you. Thank you, Sheryl G.


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