Fencing, Weeding, Planting, Building

Rabbits began to find our new rock gardens in the vineyard.  The bunnies wiped out our fresh, spring radishes.  Dan has spent the last week, on his knees, fastening fine grid wire around the bottom of our acres of vineyard.  Let’s hope the snowshoe rabbits get our message.

This is the time we weed vigorously.  Great fruit trees and vines do not like weed competition.  Montana weeds are vigorous and it is a great challenge to keep our orchard beautiful and weed free.  After we have done our best, we use an agricultural vinegar to help us.  It takes a slow, hand application and patience.  We never use Round Up on our acreage.

IMG_6625   We are arranging shipping now.  Our cherry addicts would not be happy if we didn’t send out our cherries.   We ship dark, sweet, prime cherries on our harvest day.  Go to our order page if you are interested in cherries.  The price has been the same during the past ten years.  $35.00 a box.  This year, shipping, in the U.S. is $13.50.  This should be easy.  No complications, just call us or email.  We will help you.

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